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BallBusting Girls -

girls kicking guys in the balls !

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Do you fulfill your ballbusting fantasies ?
no I dont want to
I havent tried it yet
I want to try
I want to but didnt yet
yes, with a paid mistress or master
yes, with a girlfriend / boyfriend / wife

ballbusting sites
Extreme Ball Busters Extreme Ball Busters
They kick his balls, knee them, punch (with boxing gloves!), stomp, trample...
did you ever get a blow job and a ball squeeze or ball paunch at the same time ?
Sample Clips: 1    2    3   
clubdom ClubDom
Female domination site with ballbusting as it's main theme.
Sample galleries: 1    2
Sample Clips: 1    2
open BallBusting BallBusting Workout
"I get dripping wet dropping a man to his knees! It might be a swing kick, knee or even a punch to the balls.
If he falls clutching his nuts then it turns me on.
I laugh so hard when I get a good shot to the balls.
Every girl should try ballbusting !"
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